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One of the leading exponents of Sufiana music, and an exquisite mystic singer, Abida Parveen is a Pakistani singer. She has sung songs in various languages including Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, and Urdu. During her lifetime, her music and singing in Sufi night concerts have helped her earn various accolades. Her bloomy loud voice has got the world mesmerized, which is why you can see her fans always searching for Abida Parveen upcoming concerts near me. Being the 'Queen of Sufi music,' she is also reported as one of the highest paid singers in Pakistan.

But singing didn't restrict Abida from other careers or hobbies that she had. Other than being an entrepreneur, she is also well-known for her painting.

Early Life & Childhood

Born in a family whose legacy is in music, she got into music at an early age. Her father trained her in music after he recognized her potential. When she got into school, she kept being trained for music in the music school of her father. During this period, she was also mentored by Ustad Salamat Ali Khan of the Sham Chorasia gharana.

Seeing that Abida had much more talent compared to her brothers, her father named her as his musical heir. Being a Muslim family, this step was a very uncommon one. With this, Abida's energy and love for music multi-folded.

Initial Performances

Abida began to perform in the Urs and Dargahs initially. As she grew up, she performed with her father frequently for Sufi Saints at shrines. And due to her mesmerizing power, her performance in the sufi concert was eagerly awaited by many.

1970’s Radio Star

It was in 1977 when she joined the Pakistani Radio in Hyderabad. As she sang on the radio, people learned about her voice. She reached out to more audiences, and people loved her. Her very first hit was the song ‘Tuhinje zulfan jay band kamand widha.’ She was named as Radio Pakistan after singing for the radio audience.

Live Performances

After becoming the radio star, her career took off. Abida began to perform in various concerts both locally and internationally. Some of the countries where she had spread her voice includes France, the UK, and the US. In 1988, Abida Parveen live concert was recorded by Hazrat Amir Khusrau Society of Art and Culture. She also performed in the Wembley Conference Hall in London where another recording was made by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Anyone looking for things to do near me, find her concerts very entertaining. 

Entry in Bollywood

By 1990’s Abida Parveen entered Bollywood with her spiritual ghazals. Her pre-recorded songs were used for the films since she never sang for them directly. She gained a lot of popularity in Bollywood. Due to this, she was flooded with offers all the time. 

TV Appearances

She was a judge in the Indo-Pak singing talent show ‘Sur Kshetra.’ It was during this time that she was also a part of the internationally acclaimed Pakistani show ‘Coke Studio Season 3.’ Moreover, there have been several other TV appearances. Some of them includes appearing in ‘Sama-e-Ishq’ (2014), ‘Pakistan Idol’ (2014), ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ (2012), and ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’ (2012).

Personal Life

In 1975, Abida Parveen was married to Ghulam Hussain Sheikh, who was the senior producer at Radio Pakistan. He supported her a lot due to which he left his job and began to manage her career. This beautiful couple had 3 children. After Parveen’s husband died in the 2000s, she also fell ill. She had a heart attack which was followed by a treatment that improved her health.

With her unique dressing sense and her music, Abida Parveen has stolen many hearts around the world. Currently, New Jersey is all ready to give her Tribute in a concert by Malaika Faisal. Are you looking for Indian events in New Jersey? Well then, instead of searching for more “concerts near me,” be a part of a Sufi Night - Tribute to Abida Parveen by Malaika Faisal and fall in love with her music just as the world does.

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