artist Papa CJ

Papa CJ is a world-renowned stand-up comedian from India. Papa CJ bio is quite interesting & exciting. Indeed, he is one of the most prominent stand-up comedians in the world who gave up his corporate life to follow his passion & make his dream come true.

Though Papa CJ needs no introduction. But if someone tries to, it definitely deserves to start with this:

“The global face of Indian stand-up” – Forbes Magazine

This quote from the Forbes Magazine demonstrates his influence & reach among the assorted audience. No wonder, Papa CJ has performed in more than 2000+ shows across 25 countries.

Let's begin from the start. This thriving stand-up comedian belongs to a simple Indian family and holds an MBA from the University of Oxford. His hard work as a student got him a consulting job in London. Call it an uphill battle or destiny, he followed his heart & went on to become a successful stand-up comedian globally. 

After getting into the grooves on UK comedy circuit, he went back to Delhi & started the English language stand-up comedy circuit in India. In 2008, Papa CJ participated in Last Comic Standing 6 on NBC, where more than 3000 contestants competed. Surprisingly, he stood among the final 10. In 2009, Papa CJ became first ever Indian Comedian to get an invitation for a performance at the Just for Laughs festival in Canada.

Later in 2015, he again became the first Indian Comedian to receive an invitation for a solo show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In this festival, Papa CJ first time presented his comedy special 'Papa CJ | Naked'. Following that, he performed in a sold-out show at the Soho Theatre in London in 2016. Papa CJ events have always been successful in getting a huge appreciation from the audience. 

On top of that, he is a motivational speaker & runs multiple happiness programmes. These programmes also include training modules for organizations. His mission is to create laughter & happiness in the life of people and help them realize their dreams. This mission led him to work towards various initiatives that comprise of fundraising tours for charities, visiting people personally or in hospitals and helping people fight cancer with laughter.

A glimpse of his resume:

1. Stand-Up Comedian
2. Interviewer & Moderator
3. Host & Anchor
4. Brand & Content Strategist
5. Executive Coach
6. Motivational Speaker

Undoubtedly, Papa CJ is a visionary person and words will never be enough to describe his achievement & success. Don't believe us? Visit his YouTube Channel and watch his performance yourself. We are sure that you will love his videos & agree with every single word written in this short Papa CJ bio. 

What else? Papa CJ is coming to different locations in the USA including New Jersey for "Live & Uncensored North America Tour Dec 2018". It's the best chance to watch Papa CJ comedy show live in New Jersey & get a healthy dose of laughter. 

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