artist Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen

Everytime you hear the name ‘Sushmita Sen’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘bold & beautiful’ or ‘beauty with brains’. The courageous woman has always stride boldly on untraveled paths. The first ever woman to win ‘The Miss Universe Title in 1994. She managed effortlessly broke the age old adage of getting married and motherhood. She has always been compassionate, progressive, putting a foot forward in uncharted water, living her life on her own terms defying social norms.

Sushmita is a self-confident woman who has shown everyone time and again that audience’s opinion doesn’t matter to validate her self-worth. She is always comfortable in her skin and her dressing sense is commendable. Social pressure often leads woman to take steps that are expected by the society but she has been unwavering in this regard. She does what she loves and the conservatives don’t stand any chance. She is a single mother managing everything beautifully.

In the era where Bollywood was so obsessed with a fair complexion, Sushmita Sen entered the industry with her sharp features and dusky skin. She rewrote the definition of being beautiful. While most celebrities are diplomatic, Sushmita has always spoken her heart out in public.  She has always represented the mystic beauty of India gracefully. Whatever she wears and the way she carries herself gives great sense of style. Sushmita has a smile that can lighten up the place. She has managed to win millions of hearts over the years with her personality, genuine nature, honesty and smile.

There are innumerable deeds that speak volumes about her compassion. Besides adopting two daughters, she is an active participant of NGO’s. For her the origin of a child is a mother, a woman. She shows a man what love, caring and sharing is all about. This was her answer to the beauty pageant Miss Universe final question-what according to you is an essence of a woman. The beauty queen has been steadfast across many walks of life and has followed her heart always.

According to her, life is a beautiful journey full of roller coaster rides. Competing the rat race isn’t her goal. A born star holds an innate ability to exude positivity and happiness everywhere. She still has the same exuberance that she had in the initial years of stardom.

She feels that gender equality and women empowerment are the key strategies to get the transformational change to achieve development and success. Gather to get inspired from the poise lady “Sushmita Sen” in Fords, New Jersey. Were you curious about events near me? So, here is the  event worth booking your tickets.

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