Cash App Customer Support Phone Number Call 24/7 +1【(855) 420-0042】

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$ 100


 To send money using the Cash app, first input how much money you want to send. You must enter at least $1 and then tap “pay.” Next, select the person you’re sending this money to. You can use the person’s name, their $Cashtag (a unique name Cash App phone number users can create, or the mobile phone number connected to the recipient’s Cash account.

Fees: Cash does not charge to send money from debit accounts, but does charge you, the sender, a 3% fee if you use a credit card.

Cash App Phone number 24/7 +1【(855) 420-0042】

 To send money on Cash using a browser, you will need to know the direct URL of your recipient (i.e.$cashtag). Once you are there, you can pay the recipient whether or not you have a Cash account.

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