Hyalo AI Beauty

Hyalo Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company. It is in the establishment of the next generation of drugs based on the biodegradable nanotechnology system. In its advanced research stage company has been granted several patents on new technologies. The initial products launched by Hayalo AI included Rose Spot Defying Primer, OBubbly Dullness Defying Face Wash, Matcha Shot Time Defying Eye Serum. More other products which are going to be launch soon, are under research and development in the labs in Somerset, New Jersey, and the USA.

How Hyalo AI Beauty products are really beneficial for your skin:  

  • Rose Spot Defying Primer: It helps in reducing dark marks and spots while making your skin smooth and makes it suitable for makeup. It including natural rose extract, which helps in banishing spots, diminish marks and keep makeup looking perfect all day long. Rosé Primer comes in a sleek bottle that gives the perfect amount each and every time. There’s no jumble, no waste, and you have the guarantee of a 30-day supply.
  • OBubbly Dullness Defying Face Wash: You can start your day with OBubbly Dullness Defying Face Wash. It will help in removing dirt, oil, and grime while strengthening your skin. OBubbly Face Wash is designed with 16 active ingredients (AI16), featuring Golden Corn AI, Allantoin AI, and Hops AI. These ingredients provide you a better clean every time which you have never felt before.
  • Matcha Shot Time Defying Eye Serum: Reduce under-eye circles with our Eye Serum, designed with the blend of 20 active ingredients (AI20), starring Green Tea AI, Assam Tea AI, and a Polypeptides Complex AI. We believe in finding solutions to your skin concerns rather than mask them. 


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